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Car and Vehicle Wraps advertising is among the fastest growing segments of the Outdoor Advertising Industry. This is primarily because car wraps are extremely effective at cutting through the noise and clutter to grab the attention of commuters, motorists and pedestrians like no other advertising product available.

Advertising your business, product or service has never been easier or faster to accomplish! Small businesses and companies from every industry, as well as individuals, have been relying on vehicle wrap advertising to promote their products or services on the highways, streets and communities where they drive.

For an investment that is much smaller than traditional advertising, and you can target your audience and harness all the power of outdoor advertising using car wraps. All across the country, and in every town and city, wrapped vehicles are capturing the attention of millions of commuters and pedestrians every day.

CAR WRAPS are not only great for advertising to the general public any time you drive your car, but they are also an extraordinarily effective method of advertising new product launches or time sensitive events. Other types of outdoor advertising are stationary, but wrapped vehicles can be taken to events, parked on busy streets or intersections and used to target specific demographics.

CAR WRAPS are perfect for advertising on cars belonging to sales staff or office workers. They are also a crucial marketing advantage for companies with fleet and delivery vehicles. Small businesses, large corporations and advertisers have all come to rely on CAR WRAPS as a necessary component of their marketing plan and in terms of cost, nothing gets you a better return on your investment than CAR WRAPS advertising.

Consider the costs of traditional advertising—like TV, newspapers, magazines or radio—and then compare those costs to the price of advertising using wrap advertising. Unlike these other types of traditional advertising, you own your car wrap so there is never a need pay monthly charges or renewal fees. Factor in too that car wraps can last many years and over that time may receive thousands of impressions each day and it’s easy to see that no company or business should be without CAR WRAPS.

Statistics from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA)

Medium Type of Advertisement Cost per thousand impressions
Newspaper Top 100 markets / 1/3 page black & white $22.95
Television Top 100 Markets / 30 second prime time spot $17.78
Magazine 23 publications / 4 color full page $9.35
Radio Top 100 markets / 60 second drive time $8.61
Billboards Average / all forms: 8 sheet, 30 sheet, bus, bus shelter, etc. $2.18
Vehicle Ads Wraps $.80 – $1.30

12801157_10153399881841444_3130299763453638534_n-2sw4Nothing beats car wraps for getting the attention of your audience and because car wraps are an extremely effective and affordable means of advertising new product launches and time sensitive evmargin:5px 0 32px;margin-lents, they can be a useful tool for street team, product sampling and guerrilla marketing campaigns.

There is good reason that small businesses, industries and marketing companies of every type have come to rely on car wraps advertising as a crucial part of their advertising and marketing and promotional needs.

At All Printing Services, Inc. we are committed to offering you the best quality products for your car and vehicle advertising needs. We think you’ll see why vehicle wraps have become so popular around the world and the perfect solution for successful marketing and advertising.

There are several premium vinyl products available for producing stunning graphics with perfect color and a paint-like finish for car wraps graphics and full ca wraps installations. Premium cast vinyl is designed to be highly conformable and will adhere to corrugated, irregular and curved surfaces better than standard vinyl graphics.

We Accept: MAC or PC versions of InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop files, as well as JPG and TIF formats. We prefer PDF format.